Stop a Suicide Today was developed by Douglas G. Jacobs, MD as a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to help yourself, colleagues, friends and loved ones who are concerned about or feel suicidal. Stop a Suicide Today is a program of Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

Screening for Mental Health Inc. (SMH), is a national non-profit organization that introduced the concept of large-scale mental health screenings with its flagship program National Depression Screening Day®. SMH programs include both in person and online programs for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, substance use, and suicide prevention.

Douglas G. Jacobs, M.D., an associate professor of psychiatry, part time at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, is a nationally recognized expert on suicide and depression and a leader in the field of mental health. Dr. Jacobs spearheaded National Depression Screening Day®, the first large-scale public campaign of mental health education and screening. The event’s success and his personal commitment to its continuance led to the founding of Screening for Mental Health, Inc.

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