Online Resource for Clinicians

Current Status of Suicide-Focused Assessment and Treatment:
An Online Resource for Clinicians

Douglas G. Jacobs, M.D. and Marci Klein-Benheim, Ph.D.

This online resource was developed with the mission of providing clinicians with information regarding the current status of suicide-focused assessment and treatment. The information has been compiled from a review of available evidence from existing literature and supplemented by clinical consensus, though it is not to be construed as the standard of care. The online resource is intended to be a free resource, periodically updated. The references identified are available as links to articles that are publicly available or can be accessed through one’s institutional affiliation. Interested readers are welcome to make suggestions as to sections that may need to be extended, amplified, and/or revised based upon advances in our field. Suggestions can be sent to [email protected].

The online resource is available to be downloaded for free as a PDF.